Facebook Analytics and FbStart is now available on Messenger platform

Facebook Analytics and FbStart

Facebook is working to improve the bots in Messenger app, and now it is helping the software developers to enhance this technology. The company has recently invested a lot in the Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Facebook has said that the businesses have created more than 33,000 bots on the Messenger app. The social media giant is working hard to make the customers call a bot than contacting the customer services helpline.  Moreover, bots are intelligent and save the time of the user.

Back in April, at the F8 conference, Facebook introduced the chat bots feature on its Messenger app. Today, the world’s largest social media has added the free analytics tools to its Messenger platform. Facebook Analytics for Apps is a tool available on both the mobile and desktop devices, helping businesses measure, understand, and optimise their customers’ journey across apps and websites.

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In a blog post, Facebook stated, “Starting today, we’re extending Facebook Analytics support to businesses building bots on the Messenger Platform, becoming among the first analytics solutions for bots in the industry to provide actionable insights and transparency.”

With the new Facebook Analytic tool, the users will be able to view the reports of messages they receive or send. Furthermore, they will be able to check the people who block or unblock their apps.

Moreover, Messenger Platform developers and businesses can apply for Facebook’s global program FbStart to help the fresh mobile startups build & grow their apps.

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