Facebook apologises for Lahore blast safety check glitch

Facebook Security Check

Facebook got into trouble on Sunday after it mistakenly activated its safety check notification for users all around the world after a blast hit Lahore’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park. It started sending safety warning to all around the world including North America, Austria, Israel, and UAE.

Without mentioning any area of the explosion, Facebook sent a notification which read  “Have you been affected by the blast?”

The company quickly got into trouble when Tweets from all around the world started criticising it for its sudden fault. A user tweeted, “People confused by Facebook SafetyCheck messages after a blast in Pakistan.”

Facebook then posted, ” Unfortunately, many people not affected by the Lahore blast received a notification asking if they were okay. This kind of bug is counter to our intent. We worked quickly to resolve the issue, and we apologise to anyone who mistakenly received the notification.”

However, there are many people who thanked Facebook for this glitch, because due to this glitch, they were informed about this horrific news. A user from Texas thanked Facebook by posting, ” No worries. It was actually how I was notified about the explosion, unfortunately.”

The company did not immediately state what caused the fault, but apparently, it was a location related issue, probably a fault with the Global Positioning System (GPS) of Facebook.

Safety check feature is designed to ask users about their safety after any unfortunate event takes place in a particular area. The function was first revealed after the Fukushima tsunami in Japan.

  1. Lahore Blast par hi ku???
    or be to bhttt sary blast hoty rahy hn Pakistan me.
    Lahore Blast pay is lye k ye Christians ka event tha r is me Christians ko zada nuqsan huwa ha FB ne is lye afsos kiya hai.

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