Facebook removed from its platform, myPersonality, an application developed by a third party for refusing to allow an inspection and the fear that it has illicitly used the data of up to 4 million users.

The social network said on Wednesday that it adopted the measure against the myPersonality application because its creators refused an inspection.┬áThe company┬ádecided to exclude myPersonality after finding that information obtained from users was shared with researchers and companies “with limited protections”.

The company said it would notify users of the application about the possibility of misuse of their information. It is only the second time that Facebook excludes an application after blocking one related to Cambridge Analytica.

The company has investigated thousands of apps and suspended more than 400 due to concerns about obtaining personal data.

The social network said that myPersonality was “mainly active” before 2012, although it is unknown why it was working so far. The application was created in 2007 by researcher David Stillwell. In it, users answered a personality questionnaire and received feedback on the results.

“There was no misuse of personal data,” Stillwell said in a statement, adding that “this exclusion seems purely cosmetic.” He added that the users gave their consent and that the information obtained with the application was converted into anonymous data before using it for academic research. He also rejected Facebook’s claim that he refused to accept an audit and noted that the company knows he is willing to present information.

Facebook is particularly irritated by any aspect related to the misuse of information due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal at the beginning of the year. The allegations that the political consulting firm used personal information from 87 million accounts of the social network seriously damaged the company’s reputation and its stock market value.

In addition, the social network withdrew its security app Onavo Protect from the Apple store after the iPhone manufacturer toughened its data protection rules and asked to eliminate the app from their platform.