Facebook is deleting thousands of fake accounts worldwide

Facebook fake profile

Facebook recently introduced a new educational tool to let users known how to identify fake news. Reports suggest the social media giant is now cracking down on fake user profiles as well.

Facebook has a user base of 1.86 million who visit the social network every month but the figure fell down on Friday as the social media site started deleting a large number of fake accounts.

“Protecting authenticity is an ongoing challenge, one that requires vigilance and commitment,” a technical program manager at Facebook said. Facebook didn’t say exactly how much of fake accounts will be deleted but more than 30,000 such accounts were detected in France alone.

The number of authentic users matters for social media sites who charge marketers and advertisers to reach the most consumers. Fake profiles and bots have been an ongoing problem for Play Store as well which has been a continuous rise in fake reviews.

Twitter also reports the same problem; according to a precise estimate, about 15 percent of Twitter’s 319 million active monthly users are bots.

Facebook is planning major changes for Whatsapp as well with a payment system coming soon and is also rolling out the new AI assistant for the Messenger app.

Image Source: The Telegraph

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