Facebook introduces emoji reactions for comments

Facebook Reactions

Facebook Reactions

Earlier last year, Facebook saw the biggest change to its user interface. Before this change Facebook only allowed us to comment or like a status but after we were provided by a host of options to register our reaction over a certain person’s status.

The reactions were love, laughter, shock, sadness and anger. Since the release of these emotions, users have been asking Facebook to do more and false news of a dislike option to be introduced soon also emerged.

However, not many of us expected that the already available reactions will be integrated into more of Facebook’s interface. It turns out the user can now not only react to a status or photo but also react in the same way to a comment. So, no longer will you have to write a statement to tell how you felt about a certain comment.

The social media site copied Snapchat’s feature and included it to Facebook and Whatsapp which saw the company facing immense criticism. Whatsapp will also be getting a makeover as it will be seeing the introduction of direct payments integrated into the messaging app. 

Other recent inclusions include a rocket icon to suggest users new content and Messenger’s own AI M. The social media company has also introduced a tool for users to identify fake news and is deleting thousands of fake accounts worldwide.

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