Facebook Rocket Icon

Facebook has just introduced the Stories feature in its app, pioneered by Snapchat and adapted by Instagram and Whatsapp almost a month back.

Since the past few weeks, Facebook users have reported seeing a new rocket icon while others’ news feeds have seen no difference. This is because the new rocket icon in the Facebook app has been made available¬†to selected users only.

The new rocket app is placed in a bar at the bottom of the app with icons such as News Feed, Friends and Notifications. The philosophy behind the new rocket icon is to provide users to access to content from people or pages they do not follow but may like.

Facebook says the content generated in each person’s new news feed under the rocket icon is unique and customized for each person. This will enable the users to explore new content.

The social media giant had been facing criticism from users for caging them in a box and only showing limited content. The new update cannot be guaranteed for every user just yet and could get scrapped if it does not get positive reviews from the selected Facebook population it is available to.

Facebook New Rocket Icon

Upon using the new feature it became instantly clear that Facebook is definitely taking into account user’s preferences when generating content in the new section as I was shown different¬†versions of the same news I had liked.

You need not worry if you have an updated version of the app and still not see the rocket icon anywhere in your app because the app has not announced an enrol option for the new addition.


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