Facebook introduces snap stories; copies Snapchat again

Facebook stories

Facebook has introduced three new features overnight inspired from another social media app. Facebook’s new features include a fun camera with lots of filters, a place for disappearing stories and an option to share pictures straight from your camera to your friends.

It won’t take more than seconds for you to realize after using the newly updated app that its Facebook’s version of Snapchat. Facebook had earlier launched a video editing app which should compliment the new features nicely. It is reported that the new update had been in testing mode for two months.

To support the camera and provide users with a lot of filters and customizing options te social media app has also bought another mobile application ‘MSQRD.’ You can now take a snap and upload it just like in Snapchat, while your snap story will sit just above your News Feed.

It goes without saying the Snapchat CEO would be proud of his company’s success which has inspired the likes of Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp to change their layouts too, with some receiving criticism on the changes made. It is also to be said that this factor ‘pride’ might be short lived if Facebook executes its plan to capitalize on the ‘snap’ market to perfection.

The big blue giant has more than two billion people scrolling through its News Feed and every day and while not everything it does catches on, it is still a huge platform. Also, Snapchat is has a steep learning curve and Facebook has always been simpler.

We will have to wait and see what this change does to Snapchat’s share of the social media market but the inclusion of ‘stories’ in major social media apps and sites has confirmed one thing: Snapchat was a pioneer!

Furthermore, Facebook is not letting the businesses use this feature just yet but plans to include them in the mix later on.

The recent update raises several questions regarding the current state of the News Feed and the future of social media as ‘stories’ will begin taking over the Facebook world pretty soon.

Image Source: Wired

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