Facebook Messenger to add Bot Store for improving product purchase

Secret Conversations on Messenger

Facebook Messenger has planned to add a Bot Store in its app. These Bots will work as the customer service. The feature is planned to be unveiled at the F8 developers conference.

According to the details, Facebook Messenger will add some robots based on Artificial Intelligence, which will allow the users to purchase or return the products to the companies just by talking. When a user will order a product or return the product using Bot feature, he will get programmed replies instantly.

In addition to the customer service, these robots will also send push notifications the smartphones, notifying the users about the details of the products from a particular company. Facebook is also planning to launch a service which will allow the business organizations to adopt these robots.

The idea of using Facebook Messenger as a platform of talking to businesses was first unveiled at F8 developer’s conference in 2015.

Bots Store is just one of the many features that are going to be introduced this year in the messaging app of Facebook. The company has just announced that it has crossed 900 million users and has also introduced some exciting new features such as Messenger Codes, Messenger Greetings and also improved its security system by launching Secret Messaging service.

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