Facebook Messenger Day is new Snapchat-like feature in Messenger app

Facebook Messenger Day feature

It seems like some of the latest features in Facebook are designed after the inspiration from the popular image sharing service Snapchat. The company has introduced Facebook Messenger Day, a new functionality that enables the users of Messenger app to share filter-edited images and video clips with their loved ones. The pictures and videos shared using the Messenger Day automatically delete after 24 hours.

Moreover, the users can also add funny graphics and text to their images or videos before posting them using this option. Just recently, Facebook added a similar feature to its Instagram app and now, the social networking king is trying it with the Messenger app.

Presently, Facebook Messenger Day is not available to all the users and the company is testing it in a few areas of Poland – a country where not a lot of Snapchat users reside, but there are a lot of Messenger users in that country. It is pertinent to note that the new feature is available only in the Messenger app and not on the Facebook’s main app.

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According to the company, it is launching this new option because a lot of people are interested in sharing their everyday pictures and videos with their friends and family members and they do it mostly using Facebook. It says that it will soon launch a feature that will allow the people to share their moments in an entirely new way.

Facebook Messenger Day is shown at the top of the Messenger app and the interface of this feature is very similar to what we see in the Snapchat.

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There were reports that Facebook offered $1 billion to Snapchat and made its efforts to acquire this app, but was failed to do so. Although the new feature of Facebook might not attract a lot of Snapchat users to the Messenger app, the company is making good efforts to compete with Snapchat.

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