Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook Messenger has today introduced a new feature called “Rooms,” which allows the users to discuss the topics that they like. The option is presently available in select countries only, but the company is expected to launch it all around the world, very soon.

The “Rooms” feature in the Facebook Messenger app is very similar to the Group chat function, which is already available in this app. But people use the Groups feature to talk to their friends or family members, whereas Rooms lets them chat with the strangers as well.

According to the sources, Facebook was working on this feature for a long time. Rumours were circulating on the Internet that the world’s largest social media site is going to launch a new kind of feature on its Messenger app.

The users are allowed to set their Rooms as private if they do not like the strangers to join them. Moreover, if they want to start conversations with the strangers, they can set their room as “Public.”

The company says that this new function on its fully encrypted app will stop the users from annoying their friends about the topics, in which they are not interested. Now, there are rooms available for some subjects, and the users are allowed to choose the topic that they want to talk about.

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Over the past few months, Facebook has been experimenting with the new features on its WhatsApp Messenger app; it has also introduced some functions which are very similar to that of the Snapchat. The company Is working hard to attract the new users from all around the world. With the new Rooms feature in the Messenger app, there are chances that the number of users of this app will be increased.


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