Features of Facebook Messenger Lite app

If you have an old smartphone that has very low storage and RAM, and you always wanted to install Facebook Messenger on it, then Facebook has heard you and made your wish come true. The company has introduced a lite version of the app and it takes very little space, perfect for your phone’s small memory. Facebook Messenger Lite is a newly launched app which is available for the Android-based smartphones.¬†Now anyone with an Android-powered device can use this service without the requirement of any high-end specs on their device.

The size of this app is just 1MB and it has a very minimalist and user-friendly interface. You will have to enter your Facebook account credentials to use this app. You can easily access the messages stored in your inbox and the app also notifies you about the new ones. Moreover, it also allows you to send and receive private messages from your Facebook circle.

Aside from this, the particular app also works on the poor networks. You don’t need a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G-enabled device to use it. You can easily use all the features of Facebook Messenger Lite even on the basic GPRS-based network.

Although Facebook Messenger Lite comes with great features, it does not boast Stories or Chatbots functions that are available on the main Messenger app. Additionally, Messenger Lite is capable of sending and receive pictures, stickers, and URL addresses. Presently, the company has not announced if the Messenger Lite will arrive on the iOS-based devices or not.

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Messenger Lite is currently available in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela and Facebook has the plan to launch it in other countries very soon. Just recently, the company unveiled Facebook Messenger Day Рa new Snapchat-like feature in Messenger app.


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