muslim world vows to end Facebook Blasphemy pages

Facebook is going to launch a new feature very soon, which will notify a user if someone copies his/her profile picture and name. 75% of the users are already enjoying this service. Duplicate profile tool will help in reducing online harassment and bullies.

According to Facebook’s privacy policy, users are not allowed to use someone’s profile picture without owner’s permission. It is also illegal to use a fake name and profile picture. The company failed to maintain this policy where a lot of people especially women faced blackmailing and harassment by users who copy selfies or names.

According to a report, 12 percent profiles on Facebook are fake. Facebook’s head of global safety Antigone Davis told Mashable, “It’s a real point of concern for some women in some parts of the world where it may have particular cultural or social ramifications.”

The new feature will automatically send a notification to the user if Facebook detects a duplicate profile. The user will be allowed to review the impostor’s profile and report it as “duplicate” or “not duplicate.”

This whole process is fully automated. The feature was first tested in November, last year and the company is still trying to improve it further.


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