The social media giant is now working towards making Skype irrelevant. The company is conducting tests of new Facebook group audio calling on the desktop. In April, Facebook launched group voice calls on its mobile Messenger app and now it has given a small number of users access to the feature to test it out.

Messaging has officially evolved beyond text and has moved towards rich media. All the chat apps are now racing to embrace voice and video. Snapchat added audio and video calling in March. The tech giant Google also recently announced that it would add audio-only calls to its new Duo video chat product. WhatsApp launched video calling last month and also saw 100 million audio calls per day as of June after launching the feature in 2015.

Facebook Group Calling from Desktop Feature
Facebook Group Calling from Desktop Feature

It had been speculated that after Facebook Messenger’s group calling feature the company will introduce one for the desktop as well. So, do you want to know if you are a chosen one? Open one of your group chats and look for a phone icon near the top right of the messaging box. The users with access will now see a phone icon on their group chats that they can hit to instantly invite the members to join the call.


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