Lifestage App for iOS

To compete with Snapchat, the world’s largest social network Facebook has introduced a new app for youth. The new app has been named as “Lifestage app” and is currently available for iOS devices only. This app can only be used by the people who are 21 or younger.

Users can add selfies and videos on their profiles to introduce themselves. Unlike other social networking apps – where you have to add text to describe yourself, you would have to add short video clips to tell about your likes/dislikes and other interests to the community.  Moreover, the app connects the students with each other who go to the same school.

20 students of the same school are needed in order for them to connect with each other using this app.

The newly introduced social media app was created by 19-year old Michael Sayman, who is a product manager at Facebook. According to him, he wanted to re-introduce a social network that would look similar to the Facebook of 2004. For those who don’t know, in 2014, Facebook could only be used by the young students.

Anyone can download the Lifestage app from iOS App Store, but if a user is older than 21, he/she would not be able to use all the functions of this app.

Interestingly, this app does not allow the users to send messages to each other. People can only add the profiles to their contact list and see the status messages. There is an option to add your email address/username of any other app to let your friends contact you personally.

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Let’s see if Facebook’s new Lifestage app gains any attention among the youth, who are taking interests in Snapchat and Instagram only. The 29.7 MB app is available on the Apple App store and requires iOS 8.0 or later to run.

Download Lifestage app.


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