Facebook shows demo of standalone VR device at Oculus Connect event

Facebook to launch standalone VR device

Although a lot of improvements have been made in the Virtual Reality (VR) but it seems like this technology is made for the people who own at least one high-end computer system. People need a standalone VR device that they can take anywhere with them.

Keeping in view the needs of the VR lovers, online social networking service Facebook is all set to introduce a new kind of VR device that would not need any mobile phone or computer.

Recently, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Facebook showed a video teaser of a standalone VR device at Facebook’s annual developer’s conference – Oculus Connect. Presently, this VR device does not have any name. Moreover, the company does not have the product yet. Just the demo is available.

The demo was shown in a windowless room, and the media persons were not allowed to take photos or videos of it. The headset was very similar to the Rift but packed four cameras on the front and the words “Santa Cruz Prototype” inscribed on the front cover while a fan for cooling and a processor was featured on the back of the headset.

According to the CEO, the users cannot take an ordinary VR device out with them anywhere. These devices need a phone or a PC to be connected with them all the time. There was a need for a standalone VR device.

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Facebook is taking a keen interest in this technology, and it is building a VR that the users will be able to take with them anywhere they want. The company is working on it, and it is still very early to analyze the product. The users will not have to set up anything. They will just wear it on their head, and the device will start working as programmed.

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