Facebook to help Pakistan take down Blasphemous Content

Facebook blasphemous content
Interior Minister Ch. Nisar with VP Facebook Mr. Joel Kaplan

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan raising the issue of blasphemous content on popular social networking site met with Facebook’s vice president of public policy, Joel Kaplan on Friday.

According to Reuters, the two officials came together to discuss the demand of Pakistani government that the company either prevent blasphemous content on its site or be blocked in the country.

Nisar has offered to approve an official office of Facebook in Pakistan as it houses 33 million users of the social media site. He said that freedom of expression doesn’t categorize insulting Islam or fueling the religious tensions.

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He added, “We cannot allow anyone to misuse social media for hurting religious sentiments.”

Facebook has termed the meeting “constructive.” The company revealed in an email, “It was an important and constructive meeting in which we raised our concerns over the recent court cases and made it clear we apply a strict legal process to any government request for data or content restrictions.”

Earlier this year, the issue of blasphemous content was brought into the limelight by Justice Shaukat Aziz who directed to eliminate such content even at the expense of blocking social media.

Previously, Nisar expressed exasperation over the response of Facebook’s administration for not providing the desired information. Owing to the increased pressure by the government, the company agreed to send its team to Pakistan to resolve the issue.

In March, Interior Secretary Arif Khan also informed IHC that informed that 85 percent of balspehmous material had been removed by Facebook. Also, to take progressive to steps in preventing this problem, Nisar met with the ambassadors of Muslim countries where they all agreed unanimously that the entire Muslim Ummah is united to protect the sanctity and dignity of the religion and Holy prophet (P.B.UH).

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