Facebook team to visit Pakistan for resolving the issue of blasphemous content

facebook blasphemous content

The administration of Facebook has responded to Pakistan’s demand of taking action against the blasphemous content. The social network site is ready to send a delegation to Pakistan for discussing the matter with the concerned authorities.

A spokesperson of the ministry of interior confirmed that the largest social network had shown a positive gesture after days of follow-up from the government of Pakistan following the court’s order on the issue of blasphemous content on the social network.

In its media statement, the spokesperson further told that Facebook had appointed a focal person that will ensure communication with the PTA for discussing the matter further on a regular basis.

Facebook is ready to resolve the issue of blasphemous content amicably, and for this, it is ready to discuss the issue.

“Regarding blasphemous content, we understand the concerns of Pakistani authorities, and we wish to resolve the issue with mutual dialogue,” spokesperson further quoted the response from the Facebook administration.

Earlier, the interior minister had hinted that that government was in the process of hiring a legal team for fighting the matter in the international court.

Following the direction from PM Nawaz Sharif, Ch Nisar announced that he would go to any extent, including the blocking of social media, to ensure the removal of blasphemous content from Pakistani cyberspace.

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