Facebook Unraveling new features; Group Video Chat and Colored Status

Facebook Group Video Chat

With New Year just around the corner, the social media giant is revealing its surprise with one new secret feature at a time. This time the company has brought a feature to Messenger that may make even the most ardent skeptics want to use the app: group video calling.

On Monday, the company updated Messenger on Apple Inc.’s iOS, Alphabet Inc.’s Android operating systems, and the desktop web and added six-way video calling. With this update, six people can see each other live while chatting.

Facebook has taken a step further from the Skype and has made an addition to the group video calling feature. The user can also invite a larger group of up to 50 people for the video call. But, in that case, only the person speaking at the time will be seen. If several are speaking at once, the loudest will be seen.

Facebook Snapchat like masks
Facebook’s take on Snapchat features

This new feature doesn’t just take on Skype but also Snapchat with including Snapchat-like animated masks Facebook has been experimenting with on the iOS version of Messenger. It promises to bring the version for Android users soon.

Want to know how it works? Easy. Starting a group call works the same way as it does for one-to-one video calls in the app: tapping the camera icon in the top right corner while in a chat will begin the video call.

Facebook Colored Status
Facebook Colored Status

Among other presents, Facebook’s Colored status backgrounds are also rolling out globally. Currently, only Android users will be able to create them, but everyone on iOS, Android, and the web will be able to see them in their News Feed.

This feature lets users select a color that appears behind their text status in place of the normally-white background. Several of the color options offer an Instagram logo-style color gradient, which make them more stylish and modern than boring flat colors. The company has confirmed that they are testing this feature in particular regions abroad.

Earlier this week, the company revealed that they are working on a group calling feature for the desktop which can win them major points over Skype. The social media company has broadened its horizons and is taking the battle to all the social media companies that are enticing the folks with their new platforms and applications.

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