Free Facebook internet in India failed, and why?

Free internet initiative of Facebook India

Facebook’s free internet initiative in India in the form of Free Basic program was a big failure, and ultimately saw a ban from authorities in February 2016.

The social media company was of the opinion that fundamental purpose of providing free internet access in the form of Free Basic Program was to make sure that impoverished and rural communities in India who could not afford to pay for data charges were able to benefit from the free internet.

Well, Free Basic could not succeed in a long run as it only provided the essential services from Facebook. Further, many opponents of Facebook also raised the issue that this endeavor of the social media company only promoted the specific services and wanted to drive potential buyers from the users.

There is no doubt that such efforts are just a promotional strategy to increase the number of users. Even if this is so then, such free services are acceptable unless or until they don’t offend users with monotonous offerings. Perhaps, Facebook failed to make strategy by considering this fact and witnessed its fate in the form of failure of  Free Basic initiative in India. Further, the Internet Regulators in India also raised concerned about the online service offerings that were specific to only facebook’s concerns and hence showed tired user’s experience.

After few months, the topic has resurged as Facebook aims to expand its free internet service in the United States. Learning the lessons from India, the company has decided to change his strategy for new market penetration.

Now, it has invited third-party apps to invest and offer their services for Free Basic initiative. The company says that this time, it wants to introduce remedy for theAmerica’s digital divide. For this purpose, it will enter into strategic partnership with some app developers. For instance, many telecom operators in America,  such as Sprint, AT&T and Verizon are already providing free content up to certain extent.

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