Facebook working on new app

Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox has said that his team is working on camera-based technologies. He said that Facebook is not just a social media company as it is building new tools to focus on live videos.

“We’re making the camera a really nice creative tool and that’s the kind of thing we’re very invested in right now,” Cox said.

In an interview at WSJD live, Cox introduced a new app, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and he called it “style transfer” app. This new app makes a live video look like the work of famous artists like Monet or Van Gogh. The interface of this app is similar to that of the Prisma app.

Currently, this app is not available to the users and the filters featured on this app are still under development. By 2021,videos will be 70% of Facebook’s entire internet traffic.

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According to Cox, Facebook is basically a technology-focused company and not a “media company.” The site also cooperates with the law enforcement agencies and does not promote violence. The company said that it allows the users to post informative content on the website and removes the content that spreads hate.


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