Messenger M

We are undoubtedly┬áliving in the age of artificial intelligence with Samsung’s Bixby promising you won’t have to touch the phone in the coming years and Apple’s Siri following feat with a new Siri patent.

Facebook has now rolled its AI Assistant M to Messenger users. M suggests action when it detects a signal of intent in your conversations. The feature is being rolled out to iOS and Android users in the United States and will expand to other regions in the coming months.

Facebook had been testing M on Messenger since December. The AI assistant analyzes your conversations and keywords and suggests actions accordingly. It can send stickers, initiate payment requests, calls an Uber and even start a poll in a group Messenger chat or share your location with a friend. If you’re planning a trip to the north, M can jump right in and help you in planning.

Facebook’s M has been there since M but was a stand alone assistant who you could chat. It improved with time as more and more people used it and it recorded and analyzed data to become intelligent.

Facebook has not decided to integrate it inside Messenger but if you don’t want a random bot to interfere in your chats, you can always turn it off in the settings panel.

Image Source: The Verge


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