How to factory reset Qmobile NOIR Android smartphone if you have forgotten the lock

Forgotten the smartphone Lock? Don’t Panic and review the guidelines about factory resetting QMobile Noir smartphone

How to factory reset Qmobile NOIR

Watch the video or go step by step below

We all have been plagued by a situation at least once in our lifetime where we forget our phone’s password or pattern that can unlock our device.

After numerous tries and usually inserting the wrong pattern for 10 times (depending upon the version of OS), Android provides you with a solution; You can login to your Gmail account and unlock your screen to work again.

But sometimes you are not that fortunate because logging into your Gmail account because:

  • There is no Wi-Fi available at your location
  • You had previously turned the Wi-Fi off on your mobile
  • You have forgotten your Gmail password (even if you reset your Gmail password from any other device, you won’t be able to log in through your mobile as it remembers your last password only)

At this point, there remains no other option but to factory reset your cell phone to wipe off any of the security settings you had set.

Factory resetting your device can bring back your device to life but at the same time, you will lose everything stored on your mobile phone including ay valuable data, apps etc. Basically, it will restore all the settings to the point when you first bought the handset.

Here is a step by step procedure that will help you factory reset your Q-mobile.

Procedure to factory reset your device

Step One

Do not panic and just press Power key (on the right side) and Volume Up+Volume Down (on the right side) simultaneously and keep them pressed for at least 10 seconds.

Step Two

The phone will restart and you will see the following screen.

Recovery Mode Factory Reset

Depending on the model of your phone, you will see somewhat similar options. Select Recovery Mode by pressing Volume Up key.

Step Three

The following screen will appear after you will complete the step two. Scroll down and select wipe data/factory reset. While it is selected, press the Option Touch key on the bottom left corner of your QMobile NOIR

wipe data qmobile noir a300 factory reset

Touch Key Option QMobile Noir A300

Step Four

You will get a warning from the system about all your data being removed. You obviously have no choice so using the lower volume key button you’ll have to scroll down to the option eight i.e. Yes and once again press the Option Touch key the way you did in step three.

Delete all factory reset qmobile noirA300

Step Five

Just wait for a while and you will see that your phone is reset after a few seconds. It may take more time for some people but eventually, it is going to reset everything. Once done, it will show you 8 options from which you need to select Reboot System Now. That’s it. Your phone is back.

Although the process is easier, it’s a really painful to lose everything inside your phone. After regaining the control of your handset again, try to set a password or PIN that you can remember. I would suggest you to write it somewhere in case you forget it next time.

You can click here to read how to restore Android with safe mode, soft and hard factory reset or you can check out QMobile Noir A1 by clicking here.


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  1. Mera Q mobile A290 tha, jiska code bhool gya to new software Lenny kra lia or mobile theek kam krny lga.kl ik notification aya k Lenny ka new version update kr len meny start kr dia, wo 90%install hua to mobile dead and aya k no command.
    Ab mjy please guide kren k kya kru, qkye sb treeqy kr k b wohi aa rha k NO COMMAND.

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