Pakistani visual artist Faisal Shaukat

The heroes in the action movies and tv dramas are often shown accomplishing unbelievable missions but whatever we see on tv is actually the skill of the visual artists. They convert a very simple scene into a really amazing view by introducing amazing graphics in the videos.

A few years ago, when a resident of Karachi namely Faisal Shaukat visited Singapore, he had never thought of winning the gold medal at the New York Film Festival 2016 by beating eight successful directors across the world. Faisal Shaukat is a visual artist who was born and lived his childhood in Karachi, SAMAA reports.

“The best thing was the feeling that I used to get when the people in Singapore would ask my country’s name and i proudly answered ‘Pakistan’. Life should be devoted to what you want to achieve”

According to him, everyone should make efforts to follow their dreams and try something real and original in their life. Some of Shaukat’s best arts include the animated campaign for French Open, US Open, Thor, and Star Wars.

The great proficiency in the field of visual effects and motion pictures has won him nine awards.

“We can also win these awards in our own country. All we need to do is expand our approach,” says Faisal, who presently runs a visual arts company in Singapore.

A 16-year-old boy creates video game company without anyone’s help.

Our country has no shortage of the talented youngsters like Faisal Shaukat who are telling the world that Pakistan can do anything. The need of the time is to respect their talent and give them the value that they deserve.

The youth of Pakistan is so much talented that even the Hollywood and the rest of the world gets inspiration from them. Unfortunately, we fail to explore the skills of our people and always recognize them after they get any award from the other countries.


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