After Islamabad and Lahore, Excise department of Faisalabad has also started issuing a smart card in place of conventional registration books.

The issuance of smart card was started from the Capital city Islamabad where car owners were given the facility to carry a computerized card with security features instead of a car registration book. “It is much easier to carry, I don’t know about the security features. However, the comfort of carrying a card in a wallet as a substitute to registration book is awesome,” commented a resident from Islamabad.

The Punjab Excise and Taxation Department is following the suit and has launched the smart card in Lahore and now in Faisalabad. However, due to some technical glitches excise is unable to issue smart cards in the provincial capital. “We are working on our systems, soon we will print the smart cards against the applications we have received, and all the car owners applying for new registration will also get a smart card as a replacement of traditional registration books,” said an official at Lahore Excise.

There was also a summary to integrate Smart Computerized National Identity Card with driving licenses and car registration smart cards which will enable citizens to carry just one card instead of three in a wallet. However, still, Nadra and other departments are far from making this thing a reality.

Earlier, Islamabad Excise issued a notification asking car owners to go for biometric verification which will curb the menace of fake sale and purchase. Islamabad excise is also working on a system to make car transfer and other services online so that there remains no need to visit an excise office physically.

Our sources have learned that same thing is being adopted at the Punjab excise department and soon people will have to give biometrics at their nearest Nadra or excise office. The step is commendable and will remove the nuisance of manual verifications before buying a used automobile.