Faisalabad City traffic police App

City traffic police Faisalabad has introduced the first of its kind mobile app in Pakistan. The full fledge android app offers access to all the services.

The app is available on the Google Play Store and you can download and install for free. It contains important traffic alerts like road blockage, slow moving traffic, bottleneck, accident etc.

Moreover, if you see any incident on the road, you can easily report it to the police by using this app. Additionally, you can also submit complaints related to the traffic issues.


The app starts by showing a logo of the City Traffic Police, Faisalabad. On the main page, it shows the traffic alerts and tells the user which road is clear for all types of traffic. The app also tells the users if there is blocking on any road due to the public protests or any other issue.

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Other than this, you can listen to the online radio of Faisalabad City Traffic Police and get alerts about the traffic in real-time. You can also check the traffic violation fines by selecting the option from the main menu of the app. This is a great step towards better service and may also enable the citizens to have sound road experience.

Download this app here.


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