Fake Facebook account pretends to be IG Sindh A.D. Khawaja

IG Sindh fake Facebook account

A fake Facebook account of Inspector General Sindh, A.D Khawaja has been exposed. All the details, posts, and sharing on the account are found to be baseless and fake.

A police spokesperson reported on Sunday that the Facebook account created in the name of police chief was fake and all the posts attributed to the IG Sindh were baseless.

Several photos of IGP Allah Dino Khawaja have been uploaded on the bogus Facebook account. In another post, false information has been posted to deceive people that IG Sindh had launched a program under which people’s complaints could be entertained on mail or mobile phone, etc.

The Facebook post, having a picture of IG Sindh, falsely says that the Sindh Police has launched an online system for first information report (FIR), and citizens can access it through phone, email, fax, or the web.

The elements involved in the creation of fake Facebook account are not known yet, but an investigation is underway for the offense.

Creating fake Facebook accounts is a punishable crime

Making bogus Facebook accounts or any other social media account of people particularly of police officers is not only a crime but a punishable crime, the police spokesperson pointed out.

Therefore, the officials have warned such elements to discontinue these activities otherwise legal action will be taken against them based on substantial evidence.

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