Fake Nokia 3310 spotted; here’s how to identify it

Earlier this year, Nokia shook the handset industry by announcing the comeback of Nokia 3310, it one iconic feature phone.

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, we got the first look of the legendary phone and frankly, none of us could keep their cool and thus, began the journey of hyper excitement among the mobile phone users across the world.

Nokia 3310 will reportedly go on sale later this year but we can already see many clones and counterfeit feature phones of this device.

Lately, it is becoming hard for people to recognize fake Nokia 3310 from the real deal but there is nothing to worry as we can help you out in making sure no one scams you out of your hard-earned money.


Nokia 3310 outer lining

The first thing to look for while spotting the fake Nokia 3310 is the white outer lining that conveniently frames the phone’s screen. If it is white like rice then you have not been duped but if its off white or any other color, then you surely are duped.

The authentic Nokia 3310 has only white color around the display and the white lining doesn’t cover the whole side space of the device.

The original phone’s display also cover most of the screen space from all four corners while the fake mobile phone has spaces at its edges.

Nokia 3310 outer lining

Fake Nokia 3310 doesn’t have a curved display and features a flat display panel and protective glass. Original Nokia 3310, however, boasts a nicely curved screen which also offers a bit of depth, making it easily distinguishable.

Operating System

Nokia 3310 OS

When it comes to the operating system, the Nokia 3310 is using the company’s own Series 30+ operating system while the fake Nokia 3310 uses the generic candy bar OS.

Other small clues can also help in distinguishing the real and fake phone for instance, in the original phone the battery icon lies horizontally at the top right corner of the screen.

The network signal bar and the name of SIMs are available on the top left corner where the latter are stacked in a vertical configuration.


Nokia 3310 SIM slot

You can also determine whether you own an original Nokia 3310 by prying open its back cover. The usual Chinese knock off have featured the SIM and microSD slots while covering the complete middle area while the real phone keeps them tucked away into the top corner.

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