Fine imposed on Fake Number Plates

Producing a fake number plate or copying a number plate will now be considered as a crime. The authorities have fixed two-year incarceration and 15,000 – 200,000 penalty for this offense. A person who uses a fake number plate will be charged with a fine, and his vehicle would be taken into detention.

Earlier this year, Excise and Taxation (E&T) department launched “Transport Facilitation Program”, which aimed at providing citizens with facilitation regarding the vehicles. Now, under this program, Special Monitoring Unit (SMU) has taken a historic step.

Now, nobody would be able to create a number plate illegally. The unregistered vehicles or the vehicles with fake number plates will not be allowed to come on the roads. A person who copies a number plate will also be considered as a criminal.

Govt. approved Number Plate Sample
Govt. of Punjab has approved this kind of number plates as legal.

According to the SMU, only those number plates which are issued by the Excise will be regarded as legal. The citizens will be given a time of one month to replace their fake number plates with the real ones. After this period, severe action will be taken against the people who use false or unverified number plates.

Govt. started crackdown against vehicles with fake number plates

For making easier the process of registering a vehicle, the government began Dealer Vehicle Registration System (DVRS) under the Transport Facilitation Program. The system was created for the citizens to receive their number plates at the point of sale.

Despite the establishment of DVRS, the number of vehicles with the fake number plates was not decreasing. Keeping this situation in view, the government of the Punjab started a crackdown against vehicles with the “Applied For” tags or unregistered or fake number plates.

On the other hand, the citizens are complaining that they are failed to get their cars registered because the fee of number plates are taken at the time of the registration and they are told that the plates will be sent to them via courier service. But they do not get their registration plates even after months.


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