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The Alumni Association of FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore is working towards building up Alumni community of FAST who can work coherently towards making the university a leading institution in the world where research culture fosters and critical thinking is promoted among the students.

They have created FAST Alumni Network (FAN) as the first step towards their purpose. To further foster this aim on Saturday, they celebrated its annual Alumni Homecoming Dinner which was organised by Old Student Organization of FAST (OSAF). The event with all its colours and finesse was a celebration of its alumnus who once used to be a part of this institution and still contribute towards its growth. The event’s basic aim was to bring about the alumni body to guide how they can work towards helping the institution.

Alumni Homecoming 2016-17
FAST Lahore Alumni Homecoming 2016-17

Alumni Homecoming welcomes all who have graduated from this institution to feel the same air that they once used to breathe and live in. While talking about the annual event, the Director FAST-NU Lahore Amjad Hussain said:

Director FAST at homecoming
Amjad Hussain, Director FAST-NU Lahore

“The Homecoming is not just about alumni having fun. The students that have graduated a while back come back home to see how much FAST has changed and improved since their graduation. It is also a chance to see their old friends whom they don’t get an opportunity to meet so often. The most important thing that Alumni Homecoming creates, is a link between both the institution and the graduates to stay connected with each other. Basically, alumni at homecoming strengthen their bonds with their friends and us.”

Burhan Rasool, General Manager PITB

Burhan Rasool, board member of the Alumni Association said:

“The basic thought for organising such an event is to gauge what alumni can do for other alumni and how they can contribute towards the growth of this institution. FAST is the pride and identification of an alumnus, and through Homecoming, we instil the idea that the development of this institution benefits the current students and alumni equally.”

The festivities of Alumni Homecoming began with an Open House Session with the Director, which is a forum for all alumni to raise their concerns regarding any current situation and to provide suggestions about how various things can be done differently. It also presents an opportunity for the Director to convey how things have changed in the university since the last time the alumni visited or were a part of FAST. The interesting thing at the session was that the old students were free to discuss their concerns which were written and recorded by the Director himself.

After a two-hour session, the event moved forward with the networking session where alumni met their old friends and recent alumnus and further build their connections. The session was followed by honouring the sponsors for their help in organising Homecoming.

The celebration was further graced with the presence of lavish and delicious dinner adding to the merriment of the party.

In the end, Alumni were entertained by the music from FAST Music Society (FMS) and Farhan Saeed who is also an alumnus. He captivated the audience with not just his performance but also shared his cherished moments from his university days.

Farhan Saeed
Farhan Saeed at FAST Lahore Alumni Homecoming


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