Faulty token machine at Zong customer center needs attention

When you walk into the customer center of Zong (CM-Pak), which is located at Liberty Chowk Lahore, a person would approach you and provide you a paper slip with a number written on it. It is a token slip that makes you wait for your turn.

Usually, we get this slip through a token vending machine whenever we visit a customer services center of any mobile company or a bank.

However, at Zong’s primary customer center in Lahore, the token vending machine has been replaced by the staff of the customer center.

This is not because Zong is saving energy, in fact, the machine is not in order since last six months. Therefore, it has become a habit for a Zong customer to get a slip manually and then wait for somebody to call the number for his/her turn. For a first time visitor, it is always a surprise, however, for a customer like me who have been there for a couple of times, it’s not at all a good experience.

According to the local staff, the head office has been intimated a number of times about the faulty machine. However, there is no action in response to their complaints.

faulty token machine zong customer center
Dead Token Vending machine
token at zong customer center
Every day, the local staff make hundreds of such tokens

A Zong employee on the condition of anonymity stated that handling customers this way has an adverse influence on our performance as well.

“Every day, it is compulsory for every customer attendant to stand at the entrance for 2 hours and distribute ticket (slips) to arriving customers, which waste our precious time and keeps us behind our daily sales targets that eventually affect our performance,” commented the employee.

“We have been told that company has a plan to shift the customer center to another state of the art facility. Therefore, it would be useless to replace the machine. However, I am hearing it for past 6 months”, added another employee.

Primarily due to its 4G services, Zong has been very proactive lately and brought plenty of corporate clients onboard which certainly is a good sign and gives me a feel of being a part of a network which is equally preferred by other cellular community in Pakistan.

Its an era of specialized customer services and I believe PTA also has a complete guideline on the subject. Having said that, I would request the company to provide a similarly privileged and comfortable environment at its customer centers and franchises which we usually see in its TV commercials.


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  1. At one of my nearby franchise, most of the times they are running out of printer papers and inks so they give a stamped receipt of the bill. they are always short of stationary.


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