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Pakistanis now can prepare income tax return and wealth statements with the help of an offline app developed by Federal Board of Revenue(FBR). The Windows-based application, Iris-ADX (Asynchronous Data Exchange), has been developed by the Information Technology department of the FBR.

The development was started back in January when this App was launched, which was limited and had limited options. Now users have access to the full version of the app to manage all the necessary stuff for filing the tax return.

It is an excellent step because Pakistan is the country where the availability and speed of the internet is a severe issue, also many far-flung areas are still waiting to get access to this basic necessity.  This app demands no internet, at least while you are working to calculate your returns and statements.

You will need the internet when you are done with all the stuff relating to preparing and finalizing the statements and just wants to upload it on FBR servers.

How to Use the App:

  • Download the app from here.
  • Log into the App by providing username and password.
  • Start managing your income tax return and sales statements/invoices
  • Once you are done, download the installation file from the FBR website to upload your statements and file the tax.

FBR App works only on Windows 7, 8 and 10. You must have 4 Gb of RAM and a minimum of 80GB of internal storage.

We can understand that due to uploading docs, and editing them, the FBR app is available on the windows platform but why they have ignored the MacOS as many businessmen only use Apple’s software. Also, they should work on simplifying the things so that the Android users are not left behind.

An app with the name of Tax Calculator 2017-18 is available to download free of cost at Google Play for Android devices. Designed by SSS Developer, the app was last updated on Aug 5, 2017. The app has many bugs and users complain about it crashing frequently.

In the fiscal year 2017, the FBR had collected 1.6 million income tax returns. The board is anticipating to increase this figure to 2 million this year. Citizens are given relaxation as the last date to file a tax return and assets statements is extended till September 30th.

If you feel problems in using the FBR app, do tell us as we always tend to provide a helping hand in understanding and using the tech.

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