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You may soon receive tax notices from FBR because of mobile phone balance you load every month.

FBR has started close monitoring of mobile phone users in Pakistan. Roughly 140 million users have been connected with an online system designed to highlight the subscribers and their monthly spending on the mobile phone balance.

FBR believes there is a huge percentage of mobile phone users who spend considerable money on mobile phones every month but they do not opt to join the tax net.

The online procedure has been brought into practice with the help of telecom operators for hunting mobile consumers who despite spending thousands of rupees evade taxes.

FBR has also started the field audit of all four telecom operators.

The data collection of mobile phone users had started in April 2017. FBR has been collecting this data with the help of a software that gathers it from telecom operators bi-weekly. All the four telecom companies are required to upload their monthly customer wise income tax data, using a prescribed format.

Reports suggest the step has been initiated by FBR with the aim to realistically analyze and verify the authenticity of the tax that is being imposed on the telecom companies. Usually, all four companies pay PKR 3 to 4 billion of income tax every month.

Mobile phone users in Pakistan pay advance taxes to government the moment they load balance into their account.

Approximately, the tax watch dog collects PKR 50 billion every year from the mobile users in this regard.

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