All new features coming to your iPhone with iOS 10

Apple iOS 10

Apple launched its latest operating system iOS 10 last month and called it the biggest release ever for the users.

The early version of iOS 10 is accessible to users, but we will not recommend downloading it to your primary device as it still has plenty of bugs that will be resolved over time. But if you want to know what to expect from Apple’s biggest release, we have got you covered.

Here are all new features of iOS 10 that you need to know.

Lockscreen with advanced notifications

You can see a complete iMessage conversation, answer emails, and add events to your calendar without unlocking your phone.

App widgets let you see detailed info without opening apps

Android-like app widgets enable the user to see detailed weather information, music and video playback info, and messages without opening apps.

Third party apps can work with Siri

This is for the first time when Apple has allowed app developers to integrate with Siri. This means user can control the third party applications like WeChat and Spotify with its voice.

Siri to give you intelligent suggestions

Siri is using machine learning to give smart suggestions to the user. If someone sends you an iMessage asking you where you are, it can suggest you send your current location to that person without typing anything. These suggestions also work for contacts and calendar availability among others.

Photos app is getting smarter

Photos can make albums based on the faces of people using facial recognition. The user can also search for more abstract things in your photos like beaches. Apple can also analyze videos and suggest an edit. This feature is named ‘Memories’.

Apple Maps is getting smarter too

Many improvements have been made to Apple Maps. The app gives user route details, suggesting nearby locations. Developers can integrate their apps directly into Maps, which enable user reserve seats at a restaurant with OpenTable and get there using Uber, without leaving the Maps app.

Apple Music supports lyrics

Apple music now supports lyrics that can be seen under every song’s playback controls.

Built-in apps can be deleted

The user can now remove the built-in apps in iOS 10. The list of the deletable applications is available on Apple’s website.

Home app lets you control smart home devices

Now you can control all of your smart home devices that support HomeKit with your smartphone. You can activate multiple devices at the same time with Apple’s Home app. It also gives you remote access to all of your connected devices when you’re away.

Image source: ios10news

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