New feeder routes of Metro Bus to get 1500 security cameras

Security Cameras on Metro Bus Feeder Routes

Before starting 200 new buses on the feeder routes of Metro bus, the Punjab Metro bus Authority (PMA) has issued the directions to the officials for installing 1500 security cameras on both sides of the path.

With the help of these cameras, not only the buses will be monitored, but the driver of the bus will also be informed quickly regarding the alternate routes via the wireless handset in case of traffic congestion on the road.

Aside from fixing the cameras on the route, the installation of the wireless system and cameras inside the buses has also been completed. Keeping in mind the growing traffic issues and security risk, the PMA has decided to add this new system on 14 feeder routes, which are 129 kilometer long.

For the first five months, a bus conductor will be available in each of the buses, which will run on these feeder routes. After this period, the fare will be accepted from the passengers via a card system. According to the sources, these new buses will arrive on the station after every three minutes. If a bus fails to arrive on the time, a fine will be imposed on Daewoo Pakistan, which is in partnership with the PMA under an agreement for six years.

Daewoo Pakistan has reportedly invested PKR 3bn for the procurement of 200 buses including 162 big 70-seater and 38 small buses. The company will operate the buses on feeder routes of Metro and charge the authority on a per-kilometer basis.

Around 200,000 people will travel on the feeder routes per day. The buses come with high-end features such as Bus Scheduling System (AFC-BSS) and global positioning system (GPS).

We can say that it is a great step by the PMA to install the security cameras on the route of these buses and inside the buses. The passengers will feel safer while traveling after the introduction of this new system.

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