Female officers of MoIT can work from home

Ministry of Information Technology in a bid to promote a conducive working environment for the female officers of the ministry has initiated a “Work from Home Policy.”

Under this new policy, the female workers working for the Ministry of IT can choose one day from the week where they can avail the opportunity of working from home. With the advancement of technology, staying connected from home and remote working is not a foreign concept for anymore.

Many bloggers and freelancers opt for their unique field of work where they can stay at their bed and earn money. Recently, the government of Punjab also initiated a program called e-rozgaar that will teach people the necessary skills needed to earn from home.

Minister for IT & Telecom Mrs. Anusha Rehman has revealed that the Work from Home Policy is being introduced to facilitate the female officers.  She has issued a special notification in this regard and has also stressed upon female officers to use this facility in a responsible manner so that their accessibility, communication, and productivity will not suffer at any cost.

Women in Pakistan like many other countries in the world aren’t presented with an even playing field when it comes to making a career for themselves. Apart from usual hurdles of family and socio-cultural expectations, rarely they ever get a good mentor that can help them to flourish further in their work.

This work from home policy is a positive step to help women cope with the added responsibilities and stress. Also, it might help women to be more productive seeing how their work is actually appreciated by the Ministry. Now, there are many programs that help women to develop such skills to excel further in their life and career.


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