Kanwal Ahmed and Nadia Patel Gangjee have made the country proud as they are going to present Pakistan at Facebook Leadership Programme (FCLP).

FCLP is a newly stated program by Facebook which aims to provide additional support and funds to the community leaders on the platform so that they may be able to boost their impact on the society while also providing them with the residency and fellowship programs.

These two young female entrepreneurs are among 115 participants from 49 countries which facebook have selected for their residency and fellowship programs with special grants.

Kanwal Ahmed-Founder of Soul Sisters Pakistan

Facebook Leadership Programme

There was no proper online platform for women in the country to talk about their issues from eve teasing to the working environment. Sensing that, Kanwal came forward with a blog and facebook group where she provided an opportunity to the women of Pakistan to share and inspire others with their stories.

“I always wanted to break the culture of silence over the everyday abuse women are facing in the country”, Kanwal explained.

Kanwal single-handedly served the role of a moderator and page admin, where her job was to approve or reject the stories sent to the page which were no less than 600 posts every day.

“Women can talk about anything excluding the politics and the religion”, Kanwal asserted the community’s harmonious approach.

Nadia Patel Gangjee of Sheops Pakistan

Facebook Leadership Programme

Nadia is the patron of Sheops which emerged as Pakistan’s first women’s marketplace, helping women entrepreneurs and women-oriented businesses. Sheops is also a powerful Facebook Group of 100,000+ people connecting women buyers and sellers.

“The idea came to me a few years back when I went to a shop to buy a cell phone but harassed by the shopkeeper”, Nadia said.

This incident forced her to create a community where women can shop freely and comfortably. “Fortunately, I had some friends, together we created this community which gradually gathered more women like us”, she added.

Facebook Leadership Programme will provide them with an opportunity to get training and funds to extend their businesses and community groups to new horizons.