FIA arrested the fake minister who successfully fooled the Prime Minister

Fake minister fools PM

Why wait for anyone to award you a position of a Federal Minister when you can just make one up? You think it’s crazy? Well someone didn’t that because FIA arrested a fake Federal Minister Salamat Ali Chauhan who successfully fooled the government in the last six years.

Salamat Ali Chauhan fake minister
Salamat Ali Chauhan- The Fake Minister

According to Express News, Mr. Chauhan has been scamming the not just the federal, provincial and judiciary offices but also successfully managed to fool the Prime Minister’s office as a fake minister.

He pretended to be Minister of Financial and Consumer Affairs and stole people’s money on the premise of helping them get a loan and also wrote letters to Prime Minister, Finance Minister, and other federal institutions asking for their cooperation.

FIA has reported that the fake minister also had an official number, granted by PTCL and had an office in Lahore with staff for whom he had submitted a request for allocation of cars and security. On his request, DCO gave orders to DIG police to grant him security detail.

Think this is fiction? Hate to burst your bubble; it’s not. The most surprising thing in all this fake minister tale is that none of the federal, provincial, judiciary or even Prime minister’s office conducted any background check or validated the author of all those letters. And to top it all off, he also requested a meeting with the PM to discuss unemployment in Pakistan.

This is an eye-opening event as to how the corruption is deeply rooted in our society and how easy it is to scam the government whether it is through teachers with fake Ph.D.s or substandard food like the current Milk scandal.

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