FIA arrests person for selling expensive PSL Final Tickets illegally on Facebook

person arrested for selling PSL Final Ticket on facebook

The craze of PSL Final tickets is catching up with people and it hasn’t stopped them to try to make some money illegally on the side.

Amid all the cricket drama, FIA today arrested a person selling PSL Final tickets illegally. Umar Waqas through Facebook profile and pages was selling PKR 500 ticket for PKR 3000.

The authorities have recovered four tickets so far and seized the Facebook chat logs present on his mobile phone concerning the illegal sale of PSL final tickets. The case is being registered under relevant laws at FIA Cyber Crime Lahore.

PCB started the sale of PSL final tickets yesterday and under 24 hours the entire stadium was said to be sold out leaving many fans disappointed. The cricket board reportedly sold the tickets at very high prices where the general enclosure ticket, which is normally available for PKR 50 is being sold for PKR 500 whereas the ticket worth PKR 1500 is being sold for PKR 12,000.

In spite of high prices, cricket fans have been rushing to Bank of Punjab and have been waiting in line to get their hands on a ticket as the PSL administration has reportedly increased the number of tickets for sale.

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