atms fraud

Earlier, we reported that how the ATM and Credit Card skimming is on the rise in Pakistan. The method of withdrawing the money from a safe method, i.e., ATMs has also become dangerous to the citizens. Not only the robbers, at gun point, are looting people who withdraw money from ATMs, but more sophisticated crooks make use of technology gadgets for stealing money from the accounts of unfortunate people.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested a member of a gang that is involved in fixing the spy cameras and scanners on the ATMs in Lahore. Many citizens have lost millions of rupees because of this gang. FIA has recovered the scanners and spy cameras.

According to the details, FIA cybercrime circle started receiving the complaints about fake transactions, The authorities took the action and arrested Muhammad Irfan, a resident of Layyah.

Irfan is an expert in fixing scanners and spy cameras inside the ATMs. He can do all this in less than two minutes.

If a person uses the machine on which the scanner is fixed, the data of the ATM along with the transaction details, and password gets recorded in the scanner and the camera. The officials of FIA said that it is a big gang and working in the city for many years.

Muhammad Irfan told the FIA that he fixes a camera and a scanner at one machine for an hour, and then fixes it to another. In this way, he has successfully stolen the data of many people.

Presently, only one partner of the gang is arrested. It is a challenge for the FIA to seize the entire group involved in this fraudulent act. These cybercriminals are a threat to the account holders and other individuals.


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