taxpayers fake email FIA

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has been plagued with the scandal of spam emails that are being sent in their name and the authority has requested Federal Bearue of Investigation (FIA) to investigate the matter.

As we previously reported, taxpayers in Pakistan are receiving a fake email from FBR that is infecting their computer with a virus. Following various complaints by the victims, the authority issued an official statement to clarify that no such email is being generated by FBR.

FIA has been asked to identify and expose the culprits who are trying to defraud the Pakistani citizens out of their hard earned money.

FBR has advised the taxpayers to ignore any emails that claim a tax refund or contain any attachment and refrain from clicking the link to any website. They have also informed the public to report the receipt of the fake email immediately reported to the concerned authorities

Cyber security is one of the rising challenges worldwide where with the advancement of technology, the user privacy is constantly at risk.

This year we have seen many cyber attacks that have shaken many major corporations across the globe. Thus, it is imperative to take the necessary cyber security measures to keep your data safe and block unwanted emails from appearing in your inbox.


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