Cyber Harassment and bullying is one of the most prevailing digital issues in Pakistan. According to the report by Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) released last year, cyber harassment is rising in Punjab where Facebook is the most used channel for such purposes.

Looking at the need of the hour and to protect the women in Punjab against cyber harassment, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Punjab Commission on Status of Women (PCSW) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for mutual cooperation and to redress cyber harassment complaints registered through PSCW helpline 1043.

FIA and PCSW representatives signing MoU

The two organizations will also address complaints through both Punjab Women Helpline and NR3C in Punjab According to the MoU, the complaints lodged with PCSW will be referred to FIA where the latter will devise a proper reporting mechanism to update PCSW about the progress of the complaint and its resolution.

FIA will also provide training to the dedicated staff posted to deal with cyber harassment complaint of women. The staff will also be responsible to spread awareness about this issue in the community and educational institutes.

As we previously reported, FIA despite being the top agency for dealing with cybercrime in Pakistan is facing a dearth of resources. It would be interesting to see how this MoU will help the agency to fill its gaps and provide better support to women in Punjab.