Spying Gadgets

The former Interior Minister and current Chair­man of the Senate Standing Com­mittee on Interior, Rehman Malik has taken notice of the spying gadgets installed all over diplomatic enclave and constitution avenue.

Earlier, National Telecom and Information Technology Security Board issued a warning about the presence of several spying gadgets in the capital with the core purpose of intercepting cellular communications.

Rehman Malik has ordered the Ministry of the interior to come with a thorough report regarding such equipment within the next 10 days and has also directed police and FIA to detect and pinpoint the exact location of these gadgets.

Although the allegation of conducting espionage on top officials and ministers is not a new thing, Rehman Malik is keen to find who is behind the interceptions.

“Spying in any country is an extreme violation of the law and personal rights, Government should do something about this and convict those who are responsible,” said Rehman Malik.

As per Dawn News, the Government has asked its ministers and officials to avoid communicating with mobile phones instead should prefer the landline.

Last year, Wikileaks claimed that the National Security Agency of the United States has been spying on Pakistani Mobile networks.

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