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Recently, a couple of reports surfaced in relation to a Facebook page being run in the name of Supreme Court of Pakitan. The apex court has cleared the matter as it has announced that neither the court operates or own any such social media pages.

In a statement on Wednesday, the court clarified; “The Supreme Court of Pakistan is neither using any Facebook account or page nor any other ID on any other social networking sites.”

The Supreme Court has directed the concerned authorities including Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block and take legal action against any such social media ID under the Cybercrime Law.

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Currently, dozens of pages are present on Facebook that are posting various pictures of old judges, lawyers, private messages to Chief Justice and newspaper clippings etc. The most alarming thing about this situation is that thousands of people are following these pages and are engaging with its contents.

Fake facebook pages working under the nose of PTA and FIA
Image Source: Dawn

Commenting on this situation, the PTA spokesperson said the regulatory body was not aware of the SC’s directions, reports Dawn.

This is not the first time a fake profile has misled the people into believing that various famous politicians, legislators etc. own a social media account. Last year, fake profile of Chief Justice also appeared on Facebook where the court had to give orders to FIA and PTA to take relevant actions.

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During the ongoing trial regarding the social media blasphemy case, many fake images of Justice Shaukat were also circulated in the social media, where many believed it to be true which couldn’t be further from the truth.

It is hardly surprising because, despite the claims of the regulatory authorities, people can easily access such pages as we recently uncovered at MORE that Kala Jadu (Black Magic) tutorial sites openly operate in Pakistan.

We don’t just need a better mechanism to screen the content but also an initiative to focus on such internet garbage that is affecting the moral fabric of the society.

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