child pornography

Earlier this year, the Cybercrime Wing of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested a man from Sargodha for selling child pornography on the Internet.

The investigative authority has now revealed that it has acquired important evidence against the accused. Saadat Amin aka Uncle Manto on the pretext of imparting them computer education, lured children to do heinous acts.

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This is the first time a child pornography case is being investigated under the Cybercrime law in Pakistan. FIA has obtained a forensic report of the computers that were seized from his place.

The investigative team has also unearthed records of money transferred from Finland, England, Norway, and UAE via the Western Union and MoneyGram. It has also has traced the name of the person who used to send money to Amin.

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The authorities recovered six laptops from Amin where one of them contains a vast database of child pornography. The accused used to feed the greed of the parents and convinced them to let their children go along with him, where in return he will produce disgusting photos and videos to get Norway’s visa.

The FIA launched a probe into the child pornography racket after it was informed by the letter from the Norwegian Embassy which stated that their police had arrested a man in connection with the child pornographic content and Saadat Amin was one of his accomplices in Pakistan.


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