Cyber Crime Act

It has been almost four months since the Cyber Crime Act has been passed but objections on its certain sections are still surfacing.

Following a petition against section 10, 18 and 30 of the Cyber Crime Act 2016 in Lahore High Court, Justice Ayesha A Malik just issued a notice to the  Federal Govt. Petition filed on behalf of the PTI leader Zubair Khan Niazi.

Lawyer of PTI Leader, Sheraz Zaka raised the legal point that Cyber Crime Act was not confirmed from the Federal Cabinet. Further, the sections 10, 18 and 32 are violation of Human Rights as FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) can access the mobile data of any citizen merely on the basis of doubt.

The petitioner’s lawyer requested that sections of all the sections of the Act  that violate the basic human rights should be declared void. The court has issued notice to the Federal Government for submission of its reply.

After the Cyber Crime Bill was passed certain members of civil society had raised their voices against certain sections that might curb the freedom of expression of the citizens. Among one of the few victims of this bill was media personality Hamza Ali Abbasi who raised the question of children abduction in Punjab and openly criticized the provincial government.

Issue is that our society has not been able to distinguish between the expression of thoughts and hate speech; laws based on the former often impact the later and those that are meant to curb later often crush the former.

There is no doubt since the inception of this act social media users have become reserved in openly expressing their sentiments about any political party or a person. Still, to analyze the worthiness of act a mechanism is called for to check whether the Act has been able to tackle the hate speech or not.



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