Twitter on evacuation in Aleppo

Social media platforms since their start were purposed to bring people together. No matter where a person lives in, he or she can interact with anyone around the globe with the few flicks on the keyboard. The changed dynamic of these media sites has made them a new face of global news around the world. One of the media sites Twitter, which provides real-time information now has front row seat to the death of humanity in Syria and all over the world.

Throughout the war in Syria, many citizens used Twitter to relay what is going on in Aleppo and how the massive human rights issue is being ignored all over the world. A ceasefire agreement brokered by Russia, Assad’s most powerful ally, and Turkey ended years of fighting in the city and now with the ceasefire people residing in the rebel-held areas of Aleppo have posted their final goodbyes to the world amid the bombing and gunfires.

The evacuations of the civilians have been halted and delayed until Thursday, official sources claim. But many people on Twitter have reported from the city recently that the artillery firing has started again which is a clear violation of the ceasefire.

Humanity is Dead, Long Live Humanity

The world and all those so called human rights organization like UN have failed Syrians. For the last five years we have seen the death of thousands of innocent men, women and children but somehow their blood doesn’t have the same value as one that resides in the veins of a European or American citizen. Still now, one can see many activists on Twitter who are trying to inform people about the atrocities being carried out in Aleppo but still the world is silent.


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