Digital Urdu Dictionary

President Mamnoon Hussain launched the first-ever digital Urdu dictionary on Wednesday at the Aiwan-e-Sadr. He regarded the new digital Urdu dictionary as the biggest treasure of the country’s literary history.

Undoubtedly, digitization of the dictionary will enable the preservation of Urdu language and will also help promote it across Pakistan’s borders. Digitization is the only way to save Urdu from the possibility of extinction and more efforts need to be taken to save it from a horrible future.

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and though we have many regional languages in the country, Urdu is the only one that unites people from different backgrounds and forms a uniform identity of being a Pakistani.

Nowadays, people are losing their roots that belong to the Urdu language as thanks to the flawed education system, our everyday language is becoming a mixture of Urdu and English. The new generation is unfamiliar with the many common Urdu phrases and words which is actually sad considering that it is our national language.

The digital Urdu dictionary will thus help the new generation to better understand their own language and get familiar with it. Impressively that 22 editions of the dictionary have been digitized

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