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Honor, a company which is known for packing affordability and latest features in its mid-range smartphones has not disappointed the users who are looking to buy a device which provides all the feels of a flagship smartphone. Honor 9 Lite, launched by the Chinese brand officially in the Pakistani market along with Honor 7X, has all the makings of a smartphone that can become a serious contender for the position of best mid-range device of this year.

We have used Honor 9 Lite quite briefly for a few hours and before we test it out to provide our in-depth review, let’s see our first impression and our hands-on experience of the device.


Check out the unboxing of Honor 9 Lite below:


We have Honor 9 Lite in Midnight Black color and from the first look, we were quite impressed with the build quality of the device. It has a premium design and the smartphone features just the right size i.e. it feels neither too big or too small in our hand.

Honor 9 Lite back

The smartphone has a glass back and an aluminum frame that gives it a premium finish that we mostly see in the flagship devices. In short, from the first look, you can hardly nail down the exact price of the smartphone, giving it a pricey appeal.

If we look at the Honor 9 Lite and Honor 8 Lite, we can see that the company has reduced the bezels in the front of its new device. It has smooth edges and a curved design which makes it easier to hold the device in one hand without struggling with usability.

Just like its predecessor, it does not have any physical button and features a fingerprint scanner on the back. Honor 9 Lite comes with quad cameras, where dual rear cameras are placed on the top left side of the smartphone.

Honor 9 Lite fingerprint scanner

The mid-range device is super light to hold, weighing just 149g so it won’t tire the user’s hand anytime soon. The one annoying thing about the device is that even though the glass back adds to the amazing design of the device, it becomes a magnet to attract fingerprint smudges. If you want to avoid it, there is always a back cover that comes packed in the phone’s box.

There is a 3.5mm headphone jack with a speaker and a microUSB 2.0 charger. It has a SiM tray on the left side and a power and volume rocker on the right side.

Honor 9 Lite volume rocker
Volume Rocker and Power Button on Honor 9 Lite
Honor 9 Lite SIM tray
SIM Tray of Honor 9 Lite
Honor 9 Lite bottom
Bottom Side of Honor 9 Lite


The front of the smartphone is close to being “entirely screen” device with fewer bezels than Honor 8 Lite but you do not long for an end-to-end display while looking at the device as the display is pleasing to the eyes.

Honor 9 Lite comes with 5.65 inches display with 1080 x 2160 pixels screen resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio. The images on the screen are sharp, super bright and vibrant. If you have a problem with the too bright screen, you can always use the night mode and drop the screen’s processed resolution to 720p will ultimately be able to save device’s battery.

The smartphone provides comfortable viewing experience where the videos don’t look anywhere close to patchy. The display is an ultimate haven for the bookworms out there who prefer reading ebooks on their phones.

Quad Cameras

Honor 9 Lite comes with quad cameras, meaning that it has two cameras at the front and two at the back of the smartphone. Both sides have dual 13MP and 2MP lens and our initial opinion of the camera is that it offers easy to use software where different settings and modes can simply be found by swiping left or right. We’ll give you a detailed review of the smartphone’s camera in our complete analysis.


We have spent only a few hours with Honor 9 Lite thus we cannot judge the battery life of the device. The device comes with a 3000mAh battery and there are battery optimization options within the settings that can enhance the phone’s life.


The detailed review of the device with benchmarks and in-depth analysis will come later on but our initial use shows that the smartphone works alright when carrying out different tasks. We have not yet tested it through heavy usage something we are looking forward to doing.

Honor 9 Lite comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage, which is gradually becoming a standard for mid-range devices offered by various companies. The smartphone comes with the latest Android Oreo OS with EMUI 8 which is highly customizable for instance you can switch the app drawer on or off, change phone’s themes or transitions, use quick toggle options etc.

Honorable Mentions

In this category, we will look into a few features that we can’t resist sharing with you guys that seem quite impressive in our first look.

Face Unlock

Honor 9 Lite has recently received the Face Unlock feature, meaning the user can set their own face as the phone’s password. The phone already has a fingerprint scanner on the back but it all comes to the choice of the user; which mode it finds easier to unlock their device.

Finger Gestures

Honor 9 Lite finger gestures
Finger Gestures on Honor 9 Lite

The fingerprint scanner of Honor 9 Lite can do much more than unlocking the smartphone as the user can pull notification bar with a vertical swipe of fingerprint scanner, can double touch to clear them and slide up to close the panel.

The user can also browse photos by swiping left or right on the fingerprint sensor. Mind you that the user can use any finger for this feature and the fingerprint enrollment is not a necessary requirement.

Final Thoughts

We are quite liking this device so far and just like its predecessor it has the potential to become one of the best mid-range devices of 2018. The device is available in Pakistan for Rs. 24,999 where the company has struck an excellent balance between price and performance. Make sure to stay tuned for our detailed analysis which will be published later on.

You can click here to see the highlights of Honor 9 Lite launch event in Pakistan 

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