Pakistan has witnessed many proud moments, brought about by its talented countrymen. Mr. Farooq Wahab is also such an example who has made the nation proud by featuring in “The Power List 2018”, which consists of top 40 scientists of the world under 40 years of age.

The list is published by the renowned media outlet, the Analytical Scientist in which they celebrate the accomplished and brilliant young minds making contributions in the analytical science.

Dr. Wahab is not only the first Pakistani but also the first Muslim scientist who made it to the prestigious list. Hailing from the metropolitan city of Karachi, he completed his graduation and Masters in chemistry from the University of Karachi with five gold medals.

After passing out from Karachi University, Dr. Wahab started teaching in various institutions. However, his goal was to research in the field of chemistry but was hindered by the limited financial resources. Things got changed when he received a Ph.D. scholarship worth $112,166 from The University of Alberta.

“All of this is possible due to the prayers of my parents and the guidance of the teachers at the University of Karachi and Alberta,” said, Wahab.

While completing his Ph.D., Dr. Wahab published many research papers in the renowned science journals and received an international acclamation and awards like the Graduate Student Teaching Award and the outstanding achievement from the Analytica Chimica Acta.

Dr. Wahab is currently based in Texas, USA and works at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, at the University of Texas, Arlington. His main focus is on the research works in the area of chromatography while currently, he is working on the project of ultra-fast separations of D-amino acids in biological systems, and new ionic liquids.

“Pakistan is full of immense talent. There is just need to guide the young students as the youth of the country has the potential to bring much acclaim to the nation,” said Wahab.