Doctor Umar Sadat, a Pakistani born doctor and scientist, has been awarded ‘Hunterian Professor Award’ for his extensive research and remarkable achievements in the vascular surgery, bio-engineering, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) physics and vascular medicine.

Dr. Umar has received various eminent awards, and he has published more than 150 research paper in the famous medical journals. The Hunterian Professor Award is undoubtedly the most significant achievement of Dr. Umar as this award is termed as the Noble Prize for surgeons all over the world.

Doctor Umar Sadat has become the first Surgeon in 200 years old history of the Royal College of Surgeons of England who has been honored by the Hunterian society and awarded Hunterian Professor Award.

Umar has been working in Cambridge for more than a decade, and his research focus was around blocked arteries. He has developed a unique surgical treatment technique that uses MRI to diagnose arteries blockages that lead to heart attacks, stroke or myocardial infarction.

“This new technique will help pharmaceutical professionals and doctors all over the globe. It will not only help in a timely and accurate diagnosis but will also aid in developing new drugs,” exclaimed Umar Sadat.

After graduating from King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Dr. Umar Sadat moved to the United Kingdom for FRCS in vascular surgery. He always wanted to be a scientist and researcher rather than a simple surgeon or physician. His passion drove him to stay abroad and acquire knowledge from the famous institute. He has prestigious degrees like Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Surgery.

Pakistan has no research enter dedicated to vascular surgery, and even there is no such specialization offered in Pakistani medical institutes. In the country, we do not have any research culture and the government never focused on starting investing in researchers and universities.

“The only thing that forced me to stay abroad is the absence of research facilities in Pakistan. I would love to come to Pakistan and establish a medical research center of international level in Pakistan. However, the government never approached me for this,” said Dr. Umar Sadat.

PM Imran Khan knows the potential of overseas Pakistanis and has devised policies to facilitate them like demolishing non-filers restrictions from them and the announcement of Pakistan Banao Saving Certificates. Moreover, the federal government has also launched an online portal to acquire the services of qualified expats. However, there is a need to pace up the whole process.